Linda Seiler struggled with transgender issues and same-sex attractions until age 32 when, after an 11-year journey towards healing, she finally experienced the freedom Jesus died to give her. Today, she is living the dream, content in a female body and wholly attracted to men. Called of God to equip the body of Christ regarding homosexuality, Linda shares candidly from her own struggles coupled with a strong Scriptural foundation and the latest scientific research regarding the origins of homosexuality.
The training seminar “Compassion without Compromise: A Christian Response to Homosexuality” is based on her master’s thesis which she completed in May 2014. Linda is currently pursuing her PhD at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary to develop further expertise on homosexuality in order to equip the body of Christ in this crucial hour. Linda is an ordained Assembly of God minister and serves as the director of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at Purdue University. She is an avid golfer, dark chocolate lover, and has two kittens, Boaz and Tabitha